Vision Board Workshops

What is a Vision Board?

A Vision board, sometimes referred to as a Dream Board, is a visual representation of the things and emotions your employees desire for their lives, what experiences they want, a collage of their personal goals and dreams.

The Vision Board Workshop encourages your team members to set personal and professional goals for the next five years of their life, which will require self-motivation, hard work and dedication to achieve. More often than not those goals include thinking about what is needed to take the next step in their career path, which could translate into increased productivity, improved performance, or accomplishing higher sales goals in order to meet their personal goals,

Each team member will get to look at their life as it is now, and dream about the bigger picture; which by default translates to them wanting to do better at work so they can begin achieving these newly defined dreams and desires.

During the Vision Board workshop your employees are taught how important their thoughts and words are to their success, and why their attitude at work (and outside of work) really matters and how to change a negative mindset into a positive, can-do, winning mind-set. This is a huge benefit to employers. No more negativity in the workplace! 

Two - three hour project - $30 per team member

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