• Tanya Bashor

Thanksgiving Centerpieces on a budget

In a few days our families will be gathered around the table sharing a lovely Thanksgiving meal, remembering loved ones who are absent and creating new memories together. Did you know that you can take your dining room table from casual to elegant with just a few simple items that you most likely have around your house?

You don’t need to buy expensive and elaborate centerpieces. If you have some fresh red apples, some leaves (silk or freshly gathered  from your garden) and some stem ware, a vase, or serving platters you have the makings of a simple yet elegant centerpiece.

In my Gypsy Artistry workshops I love to recycle and up-cycle when teaching crafts.

Using the same concept, here are a few common items you probably have around your house that can be used as the foundation for your Thanksgiving table arrangement.

These same common household items can also be arranged on a larger scale on your mantle to create a welcoming fall decoration for your guests!

So, gather your supplies and get creative!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


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