• Tanya Bashor

Scared to DIY your own wedding?

If you're planning a wedding it doesn't take long until you quickly realize that ensuring every detail you would like to have as a part of your special day can be a daunting thought, not to mention how expensive it can all be!

Check lists include, saying "yes" to the dress, choosing your color scheme, securing a venue and a photographer, designing and ordering invitations, buying a wedding cake, deciding on flowers for the bride and bridal party, ordering flowers for the church or event venue, designing and buying/making centerpieces and signs for the reception, card and gift table decorations, favors, and all those added extra little personalized details that make your day extra special. And of course, you want the day to be just perfect!

The wonderful Pittsburgh tradition of having a large cookie table where your mother, grand mothers, aunts, cousins and friends bake for you is a lovely way for friends and family to contribute to your wedding day. I consider this to be the first DIY wedding idea adopted by Pittsburgh brides. But, that's not the only part that can be DIY.

Perhaps you have a friend who has offered to help with centerpieces for the reception, and you'd love to take her up on the offer, because you know it will be less expensive than paying a florist, but you are concerned that the results may not be as beautiful and professionally done as you would like. That's where Gypsy Artistry can help! You and your friends can benefit from having a professional come along side you to help create all the favors, arrangements and details of your wedding, while being a part of of it yourselves!

Gypsy Artistry offers favor making craft parties for you and your bridal party to create the favors for your special day! We also offer DIY centerpieces and wedding flowers. You benefit from the purchasing power of buying at wholesale while having an expert help at a fraction of the cost of a florist! The best part? When people ask where you got your flowers/favors from, you can proudly say " I did them myself!"

So if you're getting married (or know someone who is) and would like to spend your budget wisely, reach out and let's plan to DIY your wedding together!


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