Fundraisers in Pittsburgh

Are you looking for an fun, exciting and unique way to raise funds for your charity or organization?

  • Non-Profits 

  • Clubs & Organizations

  • PTA and School Fundraisers

  • Sports Team Fundraisers

  • Sorority & Fraternity Fundraisers

  • Dance Team Fundraisers

  • Rotary and Chamber Fundraisers

  • Private Fundraisers

We make supporting a good cause easy by handling everything from the sale of tickets to finding appropriate venues for your event. Guests will purchase a ticket for the event and a portion of the cost will go directly to your cause. We have many different crafts to choose from and we take pride in customizing the craft project based on your cause or event.

How Does Gypsy Artistry Support Non- Profits?

Gypsy Artistry is committed to making art experiences affordable and accessible. We offer special non-profit rates on craft workshop events for non-profit clients. We also offer non-profit rates for Team Building, and we work with non-profit organizations to create their own fundraising art events. We provide the art activity at a discount; you sell tickets, find sponsors, and receive donations of food/beverage.

Call 412-956-6001 and let's start planning your next Fundraiser!


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