Corporate Events 

Looking for a creative and fun way to inspire, empower, and motivate your team?

Perhaps, you are looking to reduce stress, or expand your teams' thinking capabilities?


Look no further! We offer many team building activities and uniquely tailor our team building events to bring out the inner artist in your employees, while lining up with your organization's strategic plan.


Illustrate your company’s values, vision, company theme or goal by customizing your team building event! This can be done with group projects or by hosting a team building event where your employees work on individual projects. Either way, your team will end up with a keepsake to display in their office to remember the awesome event! 

Let Gypsy Artistry provide a fun and collaborative art experience for your Company through:

  • Team Building Workshops

  • Vision Board Workshops

  • Collaborative Art Events

Team Building Workshops

Team Building workshops are geared for fun! Allow your employees to unwind and encourages them to socialize while using their creativity. Thank them for a job well done!

No art skills or experience is necessary as our skilled instructors guide your team members every step of the way.

Choose from many different D.I.Y. craft projects that each team member works on individually. Click here for Team Building Workshops.

Visionboard Workshops

Companies are using Vision Board Workshops to motivate teams and increase productivity.

The Vision Board workshop teaches your employees how to look at the big picture; and how to clearly define goals and focus on their future. It encouraging them to dream big, which, by default translates to them wanting to do better at work so they can begin to achieve these newly defined dreams. 

Click here for more information on Vision Board Workshops.

Collaborative Art Events

Collaborative Art events allow large groups of people to create together. Individual teams or departments create a large piece of art together by each working on a canvas that is part of a larger collective piece of art, or everyone in attendance can work collectively on one large piece of art. Click here for more details.

Tailor your Corporate Eventng 2

Reasons you will want Gypsy Artistry to tailor a craft event for your next Corporate Event:

  • Re-branding. Introduce the new company colors into the event

  • New Logo Reveal 

  • Training - provide your teams with a quick craft to allow time to absorb intense training

  • Conferences - provide a respite between heavy informational sessions at a Conference

  • Vendor or Customer Appreciation Events

  • Trade Shows - draw in a crowd with a collaborative art event

  • Holiday Party - have our guests create a collaborative art piece for entertainment.

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