Collaborative Art Events  

Multiple Canvas Collaborative Painting

Collaborative painting requires your team members to pull together, communicate, and collaborate to make the team building training successful. They will learn to transition between many individual canvases in order to create a cohesive collage of canvases that will collectively make one larger piece of art.


As in their every day jobs, team members must be mindful of their co-workers work style, and communication style, and must consider their opinions and perspectives to produce a quality finished project. 

Two hour project - $30 per team member

Collaborative Canvas


Collaborative Canvas painting is a wonderful way to include your whole team in the creation of one piece of uniquely designed art. Every team member will participate in the process of creating a large scale piece of art that you will want to proudly display at your office. 


As in their every day job, team members must be willing to trust the process and rely on the work of their team mates, sometimes not being able to see the big picture but trusting the process!

This event will vary in length based on the complexity of the project chosen. Prices start at $300 for a 14 x 24 art piece, and increase with the size of the project.

Collaborative Canvas for corporate events
Collaborative Canvas Events

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