Baby Shower Craft Parties

Make your shower unique and exciting

Preparing for your little one to arrive is an exciting time! Enhance the fun and excitement with a baby shower craft party! At Gypsy Artistry, we can help make your shower fun and unique by hosting a craft instead of playing the usual games, or we can assist you in making handmade favors for your baby shower guests. To add creative flair and fun to your baby shower, we offer:

  • Baby Shower Favor Craft Parties (Make ahead for your shower)

  • Baby Shower Parties (Favors made as a part of the shower entertainment)

Wow your guests with handmade favors or bring the fun of crafting to your baby shower and give your guests the opportunity to express their creativity while they celebrate this precious time in your life!

You can choose from our wide array of crafts, which can be customized to suit your baby shower. We also encourage you to get to creative and come up with your own craft ideas so we can help you bring your vision to life! 

We can travel to the location of your choice. We also partner with a variety of local venues you can choose from as well!


Our staff will provide you with the supplies and easy to understand instructions to take the stress out of crafting, allowing you to relax and enjoy the moment! 

Let Gypsy Artistry add to the festivities with a creative way to bring artsy fun to your baby shower or let us help you create unique favors that your guests will cherish for years to come.


 Book your baby shower craft party today!

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