Meet Tanya!

Tanya Bashor is the owner of Gypsy Artistry.


She was born in Hereford, England, of Romany decent. She became a citizen in 2018, and has lived in the South Hills since 1991. Tanya loves to connect, teach, inspire, and encourage creativity. She takes pride in taking all the stress out of crafting to allow for a relaxing experience.

Gypsy Artistry was launched into being when Tanya won the Pittsburgh Business Pitch competition in April 2018.


Tanya had the idea of providing pop up crafting events at unique venues around Pittsburgh, and wanted a way to bring women together to connect outside of work (and the usual networking events) in a way that would help women de-stress, unwind with some "me" time, have fun, and be creative with their friends.  


We hope that you are inspired to be creative, step out of your comfort zone, be curious enough to learn something new, have fun in an artistic way at interesting events held at some of Pittsburgh finest venues. 

We are looking forward to crafting smiles with you!


Gypsy Artistry named the winner of the 2018 Pittsburgh Business Pitch!

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